About Trung Nguyên

Coffee was introduced to Vietnam by the French. At first, the emphasis was on producing top quality coffee as the Highland region of Vietnam is one of the world's best environments for coffee cultivation, combining the right altitudes, soils, natural drying conditions and temperatures.

War saw coffee production decimated but by 1996, Vietnam had risen to be amongst the top three coffee producing countries of the world. This time though the emphasis was on quantity rather than quality, most of Vietnam's production heading straight for the world's commodity markets destined for instant coffee factories.

Mr. Dang Le Nguyên Vu, then a young medical student, owned a small coffee processing business in the town of Buon Ma Thuot. He saw that the way for his region to become more independent of the world commodity markets and regain control of its own destiny was once again to produce gourmet coffee by following the best possible growing and processing techniques, carrying these all the way through to the packaged product.

After the revival of this exotic coffee, the company developed the first franchised chain of coffee houses in Vietnam, expanding throughout the country and a number of neighbouring countries. Now the most established, respected and successful producer of branded coffee in Vietnam, Trung Nguyên seeks to bring its unique blends to the attention of discerning coffee buyers around the world.

Eurepgap Trung Nguyên coffee growers have been certified by EUREPGAP for "safe and sustainable" coffee growing practice.

Utz Kapeh Trung Nguyên coffee growers have been certified by Utz Kapeh

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