Trung Nguyên Coffees....

Trung Nguyên produces some of the finest coffees in the world. From single variety Robusta or Arabica and blended 'Creative' coffees, including the fabulous 'Sang Tao 8', through to the carefully created 'coffee house blends' there is a Trung Nguyên coffee to suit every taste.

Trung Nguyen coffee growers have received certification by EUREPGAP for safe and sustainable coffee growing practices.

Sang Tao ('Creative') Varietal Coffees

Sang Tao 1: Culi Robusta
Sang Tao 1 Heirloom Robusta originally established in Vietnam in the nineteenth century and made from select Culi (peaberry) beans for richest flavor. Dark, strong, full-bodied and naturally sweet, this coffee can stand plenty of milk and sugar.

The Vietnamese pioneered and perfected the Robusta variety over a hundred years ago. but in the 20th century much of the gourmet quality of this heirloom variety was lost. This Culi Robusta is Trung Nguyen's triumphant return to the best gourmet Robusta in the world. There simply is no other source we know of that exemplifies the true potential of gourmet, heirloom Robusta raised in the perfect climate, picked in multiple sessions, and sun-dried for up to 100 days to achieve the full ripeness and wonderful flavor tones that cannot be duplicated in water-washed coffees.

Sang Tao #1 fills the room with superior aroma. Some can detect a chocolatey flavor, too, which originates from the long ripening process and, because of the prolific growth of Robusta, it is available in a price range well below its true worth in quality.

It's hard to brew this coffee too strong, as it has few faults, but it does have about 40% more caffeine than Arabica coffees.

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Sang Tao 2: Robusta Arabica
Sang Tao 2 A blend of bold, rich Robusta and milder fragrant Arabica; one of our most popular coffees.

The Trung Nguyen Robusta Arabica is a superb blend of high-quality Arabica and heirloom Robusta. It is an "anytime" coffee, with medium caffeine, well-balanced blended taste, and as good iced as it is hot. If you have never tried Vietnamese coffee, here is a perfect first to try and if you are introducing a friend to Vietnamese coffee and you don't know their tastes, you can't go wrong with this balanced and delicious popular favorite coffee at a budget price.

Best brewed at 1.5 tablespoons per cup, in a cone-shaped drip machine, French Press, percolator or any soak method. For some reason the coffee is not as successful in commercial machines as some of the other Trung Nguyen coffees, so we don't recommend it as a coffeehouse coffee, despite its popularity for home brewing. The whole bean is exceptionally flavorful and is useful to experiment with if you want to use the #2 as a basis for coffee speciality drinks or a house coffee.

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Sang Tao 3: Arabica Se
Sang Tao 3 One of the world's most select and superior Arabica coffees from the BMT highlands of Central Vietnam.

Se means "Sparrow" in Vietnamese and this 'Sparrow Arabica' is grown exclusively in Vietnam. Noted for its mild acidity and superb balance, it is sweet and refreshing without any bitterness and with floral and vanilla notes.

The Arabica Se is very versatile and a great all-purpose coffee, served anytime of day. Its a perfect dessert coffee, being a little sweet and wonderfully rich, and it ices well expecially if brewed strong.

It's impossible to make the Se bitter by brewing so use it in any brewing method and feel free to double the amount of ground coffee or even make it Turkish-style if you begin with whole bean and grind it finely.

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Sang Tao 4: Premium Culi
Sang Tao 4 A blend of culi (peaberry) beans of Robusta, Arabica, Chari and Catimor, strong, dark and complex. A quintessential coffeehouse favorite and Trung Nguyen's proudest traditional multi-bean blend.

This coffee is a gourmet's dream. TN puts together carefully selected Culi from 4 different varieties. A lot of care and balancing goes into this coffee which offers a lot of complex flavours. It also runs a little to the bitter and acid tastes, a plus for people who want a full-bodied coffee experience.

Sang Tao #4 Premium Culi is one of the more successful coffees for brewing in home drip machines, and it works well in Bunn-style office carafe machines. At one level tablespoon per coffee you get a mild but broad taste. At 1.5 or 2 tablespoons you get that intense flavor it is famous for. As with most Vietnamese coffees, if you can control the temperature you can get different effects. At 185 brewing temperature you accent all the extra flavor tones and the chocolate/vanilla hints. At 205 you lose those flavor tones and get a more American-style coffee.

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Sang Tao 5: Culi Arabica
Sang Tao 5 Hand-selected culi (peaberry) Arabica beans for intense and complex Arabica flavour. Fragrant, smooth, yet with a dark edge from the peaberries, this is a gourmet's choice.

Sang Tao #5 Culi Arabica is a world-class, multi-source, peaberry blended coffee and a coffeehouse favorite. It is a fragrant heirloom Arabica coffee with a comforting dark, peaberry edge and broad flavour range. It has a haunting aftertaste that commands a second cup. In the summer it has an edge that makes it a unique and superb iced coffee. It can be brewed lightly providing a excellent balanced breakfast-style coffee but as it is also a peaberry, dark coffee it can be brewed strong to provide a great intensity with no bitterness.

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'Coffeehouse' Blends

House Blend
House Blend Like its sister product below (Gourmet Blend), Trung Nguyen's House Blend is a blend of all four bean varieties, and comes in two 250-gram foil vent bags within the stylish outer box.

An excellent, economical way to enjoy TN coffee, it is a careful blend of 4 varieties (Arabica, Robusta, Chari (aka Excelsa), and Catimor) grown under Trung Nguyen direction in ideal environments across the BMT highlands, this blend has a subtly different taste balance more heavily weighted to Robusta and many of our clients prefer the vigorous fresh taste of House Blend to Gourmet Blend. It brews well with all the usual techniques.

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Gourmet Blend
Gourmet Blend Trung Nguyen's famous Gourmet Blend has all four bean varieties, in two 250-gram foil vent bags within the attractive outer box.

Served at over 1000 Trung Nguyen coffee houses throughout Southeast Asia, this coffee is consistently a top selling product. It is a superb and inexpensive introduction to the world of TN blended coffees.

A careful blend of 4 varieties (Arabica, Robusta, Chari (aka Excelsa), and Catimor) grown under Trung Nguyen direction in ideal environments across the BMT highlands, this blend is incredibly fragrant and it fills the room with scents of spice, chocolates and fruit. It's a great coffee that should be brewed at 1 tablespoon per cup to preserve its fine balance.

Gourmet Blend makes an great cup of coffee in the single-cup 'phin' filters and in a French Press, but we have also had great success with any drip machine that takes a medium or coarse grind, percolators and office-style coffee machines.

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Premium Blend
Premium Blend A popular Vietnamese traditional coffee, made using Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa & Catimor beans and supplied in a convenient ring-pull can with resealing lid.

Trung Nguyen adds natural flavorings to this blend and it is the only TN Coffee that is has any additional ingredients other than a small amount of butter oil used for roasting. It's a great coffee in perfect balance, hot or iced, and the flavors added (cocoa being one) are very subtle and not detectable as added flavors. Premium Blend has always been a trademark speciality of Trung Nguyen and it helped to make the company famous. It's a stunning coffee with a medium-coarse grind that is intended for single-serve Phin filter or French Press. It is relative high in caffeine and has a pleasant acidity and persistant aftertaste.

Please note: Premium Blend does contain a small amount of cocoa flavoring and should be avoided by those with chocolate or cocoa intolerance.

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'S' Blend
'S' Blend 'S' Blend, (actually called 'Chinh Phục' - 'Conquer'), is produced for the Vietnamese domestic market and not normally exported. Since we introduced it, it has been a consistent top seller, as a result not just of the sensational price but also the robust and complex taste.

It is a blend of Arabica, Robusta, Chari (Excelsa) and Catimor beans in a traditional Vietnamese roasting and flavour balance, Trung Nguyen created a trademark "all occasions" coffee with a broad, rich flavour and buttery mouthfeel, with excellent aftertaste and keeping qualities. This coffee is a top seller in Vietnamese supermarkets and is highly affordable with great heritage, sophisticated balance and many hints of chocolate. We believe no coffee in the UK can touch 'S' Blend at this price point.

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'I' Blend
'I' Blend This is another superb-value domestic market product like its cousin the 'S' Blend.

'I' Blend (actually called 'Khất Vọng' - 'Aspire'), is a different blend of TN's trademark four beans. It is a milder coffee than the 'S' Blend and our 'office guinea pigs' liked it, some preferring the gentler tones of the 'I' Blend to the more vigorous 'S'.

Packaged for everyday use like the 'S', this coffee is offered at a similar attractive price.

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'Nau' Blend
'Nu' Blend 'Nau' Blend

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Special Coffees

Sang Tao 8
Sang Tao 8 Sang Tao 8 (formerly Legendee Gold) was created a few years ago in the style of the classic earlier Legendee coffee, but with a new approach to balance and taste. The new coffee exhibits an incredible natural sweetness - many customers who sweeten their coffee like this one unsweetened.

Sang Tao 8 is sometimes referred to as "weasel" coffee in Vietnam because it is seen as the world's most successful attempt to produce a coffee with the balance and flavour of the famous 'Cafe Chôn' or Civet (Weasel) coffee. It is a unique enzyme-treated coffee that releases flavours bound in the beans and not released under ordinary processing.

Tourists to Vietnam often don't consider their visit complete until they have sat in a Trung Nguyen coffee house and tried the Sang Tao 8 brewed in the single-cup Phin filters.

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G7 Instants

G7 3-in-1
G7 3-in-1 G7 is the world's best-tasting instant coffee for the authentic taste of Vietnamese C Ph Su'a in an instant! G7 is widely known throughout Southeast Asia as a never-bitter instant coffee and often to be found in Asian hotel room 'coffee and tea making' facilities. This 3-in-1 version contains coffee, non-dairy creamer and 8 grams sugar per serving, just add 170ml hot water and stir for gourmet coffee anywhere - at home, at the office, in hotels, camping etc.

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G7 Black
G7 Black A G7 for those who prefer their coffee black, or simply prefer to add their own cream and/or sugar to their coffee, this coffee can also be mixed directly into cold water for iced coffee.

TN's processing plant was built by Italian coffee experts and uses a proprietary process to create tasty instant coffee from unroasted, green coffee beans which are roasted and powdered in one process, eliminating the usual bitterness common to other processes. If you have never tried G7, you have never seen how great instant coffee can taste. The Black G7's only ingredient is coffee - use it alone or as a base in coffee drinks or cooking.

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Legend Instant Coffees

Legend Classic
Legend Classic This unique blend of instant coffee and finely milled beans already has milk and sugar added: just add 75ml of of hot water (80-100 degrees C) for the classic taste of Vietnamese Ca Phe Sua.

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Legend Special
Legend Special This extra special blend of instant coffee and finely milled beans already has milk and sugar added: just add 90ml of of hot water (80-100 degrees C) for the special taste of Vietnamese Ca Phe Sua.

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Legend Ca Phe Sua Da
Legend Ca Phe Sua Da This new Ca Phe Sua Da mix is the easiest way to enjoy the incredible Vietnamese iced coffee. Empty the contents of the sachet into a cup, add 50ml of hot water (80-100 degress C), stir well, then pour over about 100g of ice in a tall glass.


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Legend Passiona
Legend Passiona Taking their naturally low-caffeine Passiona coffee as inspiration, Trung Nguyen developed this delicious instant product - a 3-in-1 coffee, which has non-dairy creamer to whiten and a zero-calorie sweetener. The coffee has a somewhat different taste from regular G7 3-in-1, being deeper and darker than the standard product, partly because of the naturally low-caffeine coffee beans used. The product offered here is the Vietnamese domestic market product which also has herbs added - chrysanthemum and artichoke, which the Vietnamese view as tonics and which add interest to the flavour.

TN intend Legend Passiona as a healthier alternative. The creamer is 100% trans-fat free and the sweetener is isomalt, a natural sugar alcohol produced from beets, which is treated by the body as dietary fibre rather than an energy source. Pure vegetable collagen, a natural protein, has also been added to support skin health.

Many regular users describe the Legend Passiona as "deeper", "more complex", "more aromatic", and "darker-tasting" as well as "guilt-free!"

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Legend Cappuccino
Legend Cappuccino Flavoured Legend instant coffee in a larger packet size with more creamer to produce a rich, satisfying cappuccino with a top layer of foam. The 'cafe-stick' produces a larger cup of coffee than the regular Legend instants and has less sugar and fat than other cappuccino mixes, so it's a bit healthier, too.

Available in three flavours, Hazelnut, Mocha and new Coconut.

The Legend Cappuccino is not over-sweetened, perfect for those who prefer a lightly sweetened drink or who are watching their sugar.We believe that other "dessert" coffee mixes cannot hold a candle to Legend Cappuccino. The base of gourmet instant coffee, makes these drinks superior in taste from the start, and the subtle added flavours never overpower the coffee. Perfect as a dessert coffee or anytime 'comfort' drink. (Contains milk.)

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